Policies and Procedures : Religious Education for Children & Youth

Sunday Morning Class Time

Classes for preK-8th grade take place during the 9 a.m. service. Everyone begins together in the sanctuary and children are sung out to class after the story for all ages. We hope that families will take the opportunity to worship together at the beginning of the service.

Religious Education is a Cooperative Affair

It is important to note that the RE program is a cooperative affair, and as is true with all coops, everyone’s contribution is necessary to its success. It is for that reason that we ask all families with children in the program to contribute in some way. That might be by being a class parent, teaching, or substituting, or by helping with service projects or special events, or in many other ways. The important piece is that everyone – including many who do not have children in the program! – contributes in some way, according to her or his gifts.

Attendance, Arrival, and Dismissal

Our sacred trust is embodied in our Safe Congregation policy which requires that all children through 4th grade be signed in and out by a responsible parent or guardian. Ask for the RE Greeter who will help you through this process.

Ten or fifteen minutes into the service comes the point when the congregation sings the children to class. Feel free to walk your children to class, if you wish.

Classes end at 10:25. We ask that you pick your children up promptly.

If you arrive early, you are welcome to join the class in their closing ritual.

Please remember that when children are here at church, they are primarily the responsibility of their parents or guardians. No student of any age will be allowed to wander the grounds unsupervised during class time.

Multigenerational Services

There are several multigenerational services each year. These are services designed for the participation of all ages. However, the nursery is open as always for infants and toddlers.

Days When There Is No Class, But It Is Not an Multigenerational Service

There are occasions when there is no class and the service is not specifically designed to be multigenerational. These are typically weeks when church attendance is light, such as the Labor Day and Memorial Day weekends. The RE Committee recruits volunteers to supervise an activity on these days for PreK-1st Grade children whose parents would prefer an alternative to them remaining in the worship service.

Field Trip Policy

There are various occasions throughout the year when your child may go on a field trip. These are valuable opportunities that may be part of a Sunday morning religious education class or a youth group activity, or perhaps a social justice service project. As always, we are concerned with keeping our children safe and well cared for. To that end, we have an Emergency Contact and Medical Information form and a Permission Form that must be completed if you would like your child to go on such trips. Please see the full policy, or contact the Director of Religious Education (mmills@firstuunashville.org) for more information.


We hope you are as excited about the coming year as we are. If you would like your daughter or son to participate and have not already registered him or her, registration forms are available in the RE Library, from the RE Greeter, and from teachers in the classrooms. Or you can register online.

Registration is required for any child or youth who will participate in any part of the program. The primary reason for this is safety: if your children are to be in our care, we need to know who you are and how to be in touch with you.

The entire RE program, including the cost of purchasing curricula, supplies, expenses associated with service projects, and numerous other costs are supported exclusively by pledges from members and friends of First UU Nashville. If a registered RE student’s parent or guardian pledges finances to the church, the RE program is available free of charge. The cost of the program for families that do not pledge finances to the church is $50.00 per child for the year. If paying that amount would lead to a financial hardship, please contact Marguerite Mills, DLRE, and arrangements can be made so your child can participate in this rewarding program.