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  •  April 26
    Seasons, Cycles and Evolution 

    The  Rev. Gail Seavey; Marguerite Mills, Director of Lifespan Religious Education; The Rev. Jason Shelton; and Ministerial Intern Michelle Pederson
    Our annual spring Flower Communion reminds us that not every transformation is sudden or explosive!  All ages join together to celebrate our interdependence with the rest of nature’s comforting cycles and ongoing evolution.

    Please bring a flower to contribute to the celebration.
  • May 3
    Speaking in Tongues

    Michelle Pederson, Ministerial Intern, and Worship Associate Gail Sphar
    On the day of Pentecost Jesus’ disciples were suddenly able to speak in other languages so that they were understood. Speaking in tongues, the disciples were able to transcend the barrier of language that kept them from interacting with others. What a powerful experience of finally understanding and being understood. We will explore transcending barriers in our own lives that keep us separate. 
  • May 10
    Breathing from All Being
    Gail Seavey and Worship Associate Elaine Bailey-Fryd
    We will celebrate Mother’s Day by exploring how many theological dualisms rooted in nouns such as father/mother, heaven/earth, spirit/matter, sacred/secular, God/Creation, or transcendence/immanence can keep us from experiencing  holistic or holy verbs such as giving birth, parenting, breathing, hearing, co-creating, touching, relating or transcending. 
    We will celebrate child dedications this morning. If you would like to participate or have questions please contact Rev. Seavey at gseavey@firstuunashville.org before May 1.      
  • May 17
    Religious Education Sunday
    FUUN Children, Youth, Volunteers and Marguerite Mills, Director of Lifespan Religious Education
    Join us and celebrate the rainbow that is our Seven Principles. Worship with us as we share with you what we have done this year. From learning to grow in trust and caring, to understanding our relationships with people we know and people we will meet and all life that shares our planet, to nurturing a reverence for life, to exploring what on Earth a hammer or a hard hat has to do with it! We will also celebrate our graduating seniors, and we will lift up and honor our abundantly generous volunteers who make it all happen.
  • May 24
    Where Have All the Flowers Gone?
    Dan McKanan
    A Memorial Day sermon from Daniel McKanan, Ralph Waldo Emerson Unitarian Universalist Association Senior Lecturer in Divinity at Harvard University.
  • May 31
    And Then What?
    The Rev. Denise Gyauch
    “Before enlightenment,” says Zen teaching, “chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.” And for Unitarian Universalists? What comes after transcendence, after the peak experience or the achievement of a major goal, after the “aha” moment?  How does our tradition help us re-orient ourselves to external and internal landscapes that are and are not the same as always?

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Items of interest from the staff, committees and the board

  • How do we nurture our Beloved Community?
    By giving ... that's how This year's Stewardship campaign is officially kicking off this Sunday, March 15th. The online pledge form is already open for business here. Please check it out. Come by the Stewardship table in the social area (more ....)
  • Stewardship Testimonial from Ibba Surface
    I'm Ibba Surface - I've attended church here for about 25 years and this is my story about my church. This story is not important because of anything special about me. Rather, this story is important because for many of (more ....)
  • Stewardship Testimonial from Jessica Stein
    While you're making pledges this year, I'd like you to...think of the children. No, I'm not going to parade images of spiritually starved orphans in front of you, but I will tell you a story. When I graduated from crawling (more ....)
  • Stewardship Testimonial from Jill Fellow
    A few weeks ago I was driving my 4 children home from the best playdate ever. I mean this really was like the best playdate ever. There were horses and baby kitties and juice boxes. I mean, what could be (more ....)
  • Stewardship Testimonial from Doug Pasto-Crosby
    I would like to make a plea for all of you to increase your pledge so that we can fully fund our fair share payment to the UUA. When I first became a UU, I didn't really think much about (more ....)
  • Stewardship Testimonial from Steve Haruch
    Hello, my name is Steve Haruch, and I'm a member of this congregation. Today, I want to talk to you about sausage - but we'll get to that in a minute. First a little background. For seven years, I was (more ....)
  • Dining Out For Life Donations
    Did you miss Dining Out For Life? Do you like to win great prizes? YOU can still make a difference to help fight AIDS through Nashville Cares. We have extra donation envelopes for those who could not make it. You (more ....)
  • Celebrate Spring with a Turn around the Maypole
    The bees are buzzing, the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming... all of Middle Tennessee is suddenly verdant and lush. We welcome the fecundity of Spring after our cold winter! We will celebrate the turning of the of seasons next Sunday, May 3, between services, by wrapping our Maypole with colorful ribbons.
  • Denise's Ordination: Save the Date!
    The Worship Committee is thrilled to announce that, together with the Unitarian Universalist Church of Huntsville, we of FUUN will be ordaining longtime member and Membership Coordinator Denise Gyauch this spring. When: Saturday, May 23, 2015 Service starts at 2:00PM (more ....)
  • REMINDER. Dining Out For Life is Tuesday
    I hope you are planning to join us at Tin Angel for dinner Tuesday night.  Remember reservations are required.  Please call the restaurant at 615-298-3444.  If you have any questions please send an email to dofl@firstuunashville.org Thank you Scott Weaver (more ....)
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