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  • February 1
    Love is From God
    The Rev. Gail Seavey and Worship Associate Holly Mueller
    We will explore some of the ways people have practiced Universal Love
  • February 8
    A Taxonomy of Love
    The Rev. Gail Seavey and Worship Associate Shelby Freeman
    To paraphrase a classic Elizabeth Barrett Browning poem ‘How do we love?  Let me count the ways.’
  • February 15
    Gotta Have Friends
    FUUN Youth Group
    Our youth have much wisdom to share about one way to do love - friendship.   Several of the seniors in high school are planning to offer homilies from their experiences and they all seem to know lots of songs about friends.
  • February 22
    The Milk of Human Kindness
    The Rev. Gail Seavey and Worship Associate Andy Collins
    According to Shakespeare, Lady Macbeth feared that her husband was too kind to follow through on their evil plans.  Other than that, kindness is a form of love that can be practiced in any situation and just about universally. 

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