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  • March 22
    Broken Dreams, Whole Families

    Mary Early-Zald
    What happens when the reality of our family collides with our dreams such as when parents separate?  Mary will explore how familial “brokenness” transforms into wholeness.
  • March 29
    The Yoga of Mind, Body and Memory

    The Rev. Gail Seavey and Worship Associate Valerie Martin
    Yoga means “to yoke” one to the Gods and Goddesses.  Recent studies on the human anatomy of trauma show us how traumatic injury can be healed by yoking mind, body and memory into wholeness – sometimes using yoga.
  • April 5
    Awful to Awesome
    The  Rev. Gail Seavey and Worship Associate Cindi Brown
    The Easter story inspires us to reflect upon how negative experiences can hold seeds of transformation and to celebrate transformative visions in and around us that germinate renewed awe and wonder.
  • April 12
    Tranquil Streams No More
    The  Rev. Gail Seavey and Ministerial Intern Michelle Pederson
    Sometimes big changes are easier to make than little ones. What changes when tranquil streams merge into one river or cultures collide? We will consider large cultural transformation by looking at an example close to home - when two faith traditions – the Unitarians and the Universalists - merged and became one quite different faith.
  • April 19
    Suite Progress

    The Rev. Jason Shelton and the FUUN Choirs
    Nothing illustrates the possibility of transformation quite as dramatically as the rate of change regarding acceptance of the LGBT community. In this service we'll consider how far we've come, look at the work that yet lies ahead, and honor it all with Suite Progress, a musical celebration of the work of welcome (commissioned last year by Nashville in Harmony).
  •  April 26
    Seasons, Cycles and Evolution 

    The  Rev. Gail Seavey; Marguerite Mills, Director of Lifespan Religious Education; The Rev. Jason Shelton; and Ministerial Intern Michelle Pederson
    Our annual spring Flower Communion reminds us that not every transformation is sudden or explosive!  All ages join together to celebrate our interdependence with the rest of nature’s comforting cycles and ongoing evolution.

    Please bring a flower to contribute to the celebration.

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